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Full Asylum by Michael Isenberg

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"Atlas Shrugged with professional wrestlers. A whimsical window into the world of Big Government, spy movies, and cavity searches."

    Christine Morabito, President, Greater Boston Tea Party

Full Asylum by Michael Isenberg


The economy has crashed (again), the Nanny State is out of control, and software engineer Gimbel O’Hare just wants to do his job. Not easy, given that his boss is out to get him, the Department of Justice has him under surveillance, and one of his co-workers is suing him for sexual harassment. He finds refuge from the stress by indulging in spy movies, an obsession that leads him on an off-the-wall journey around metro-Washington. From the ruins of a once fashionable mall to a psychiatric ward in a military hospital, Gimbel is on the trail of a dangerous – and possibly imaginary – conspiracy to steal a presidential election and fundamentally transform America.

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